Misconceptions on Absence of Voltage Testing

Absence of Voltage Testing is a hot topic among safety experts and electrical safety product manufacturers right now. This comes in the wake of a recent revision to NFPA 70E with Exception No. 1 of Article 120.5 (7). This Exception, based within the Control of Hazardous Energy standard, has been wildly speculated upon and has caused quite a stir in its true interpretation when it comes to application. 

DOWNLOAD HERE the new Grace article to know what this means for the Permanent Electrical Safety Devices (PESDs), the interpretation to this Exception along with the misconceptions surrounding the use of PESDs for Absence of Voltage. 

Article Includes:

  • How to reduce risk in performing the absence of voltage test
  • UL Response to GracePESDs
  • Innovation Beyond Compliance
  • Comparative Analysis of GracePESDs