About Us

Electrical Safety & Instrumentation Specialists Ltd


Electrical Safety and Instrumentation Specialists, Ltd. (ESIS) is Europe’s source for North American electrical products and it has been dedicated to facilitating transactions between US manufacturers, European distributors, contractors and OEMs, providing a wide range of USA products and contributing to an easy and cost-effective process.

Our technical support and experience with North American standards can help customers in terms of clarification to some considerable differences between UL and CUL standards along with European certifications, such as EN, ATEX, and IEC.

ESIS is able to invoice in currencies other than US dollars, eliminating foreign currency exchange costs associated with US dollar-denominated transactions.

We offer delivery terms according to our customer’s needs as DAP or FCA USA to port and airport. For delivery to countries outside of the EU, UK, and US, our operation team can quote CFR or CIF to the ports of destination and when possible, we will consolidate orders from multiple manufacturers to ship a single container loads, reducing documentation and other costs associated to export shipments from the US.

Our Operational support combined with our product expertise and factory relationships allows us to develop and sustain a long-term relationship with our European customer base making it our strength.

We look forward to serving you.