IP69K is the highest standard on the Ingress Protection (IP) rating scale. This rating was designed for applications in which products are regularly exposed to high-pressure and high-temperate washdowns.
How is IP69K Different from NEMA Type 4?
Both standards require the product to withstand water but at
different levels. The IP69K rating is important when products are
being sprayed down at closer distances.


  • High pressure
  • Low volume/High
  • Short distance (6” max)
  • Dust-tight

NEMA Type 4

  • Low pressure
  • High volume (65
  • Long distance (10-12 ft)

With over 900 IP69K Compliant SKUs, we wanted you to see first hand what Federal Signal products can endure.
Watch as Kayla and Dan hit the 225XL with a power washer while the product is in use!

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